Wind Point Partners invests in Vertex


Vertex, a ~$150 million revenue, ESOP-owned forensics, engineering, environmental and project advisory firm had ambitions to advance its remarkable growth.  However, with significant portions of capital being diverted each year to fund stock repurchase obligations, Vertex’ management and Board recognized that in order to execute on this strategic plan of significant organic and acquisitive growth, they would need financial and strategic resources beyond what was currently available.


Over the years, management had entertained exclusive conversations with interested strategic buyers and financial investors, but never thoroughly and systematically explored all of their options. Given their commitment to strategic growth, the Board wanted to run a robust and confidential process in which they vetted a broad range of options.  

Turning Point

Vertex engaged AEC Advisors in late 2020, and we were quickly able to meet with a host of private equity and family office investors who had experience in the AEC industry, the ability to provide a compelling financial offer and additional resources to leverage Vertex’ growth. 

A wide range of potential partners were narrowed down to a set of finalists, who then each spent a day meeting with Vertex management. At the conclusion of these meetings, Vertex signed a Letter of Intent with Wind Point Partners. Vertex was particularly attracted to Wind Point given their AEC industry experience with prior investments in Kleinfelder and RailWorks; their relatively large fund size, which ensured that they had plenty of additional capital to invest in Vertex; and the ability to provide directors for Vertex’ Board members with extensive AEC industry experience. 


In the summer of 2021, Vertex completed a majority investment transaction with private equity firm Wind Point Partners.  Since partnering with Wind Point in 2021, Vertex has accelerated its growth, made strategic acquisitions, and has been thrilled with the support provide by Wind Point.