Corporate Finance

Leverage our relationships, knowledge, and data to solve corporate finance issues and unlock value

We Offer Key Client Consulting

Our Key Client program is designed to maximize value-added services, while breaking down the transactional nature and inefficient traditional barriers that exist between a consultant and client. Instead, our Key Client program provides our entire suite of corporate finance and M&A services for a fixed monthly retainer. This dynamic aligns our goals with clients to maximize value-add and become a trusted advisor.

Think of us as an outsourced industry-expert corporate finance team, bringing a wide network and armed with detailed data.

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Case Stories

Navigating the Company Transformation

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Generating Enthusiasm for Ownership


Creative Deal Structuring for the Win


Bringing Value Back to the Company


Transitioning from Founder-led to Employee-owned

Internal Ownership Transitions

Connecting long-term strategy, culture, incentivization, and capitalization structure, we work with management and the Board to evaluate and develop a sustainable internal ownership transition.

Valuation, Benchmarking and Modeling All-In-One

  1. Initial Diligence
  2. KPI Benchmarking Analysis
  3. Management Interviews
  4. Stock Appraisal for Internal Ownership Transition
  5. Capitalization Modeling
  6. Feasibility Report & Recommendations
Critical Issue Advisory

Our relationships and positioning in the industry allow us to provide quick and insightful perspective on critical issues

Each of our clients’ needs are unique. We develop a customized approach to address their issues that taps into a variety of our resources, including our vast databases of KPI and M&A valuation data, anecdotal data, industry experience, and network of relationships. As a partner, if we do not have readily available answers to a client’s questions, we will go find them.

Samples of Recent Issue Surveys
1. Cybersecurity
2. Marketing & Business Development
3. Remote or Hybrid Work
4. ESG–Environmental, Social, and Governance
5. Salary Costs and Inflation

Industry Benchmarking

Objective, data-driven analysis of you firm’s strengths, weaknesses & opportunities

What is it?
A benchmarking tool to compare your firm against 20–30 peer AEC firms across 150+ KPI metrics (40+ pages)

Who are the peer firms?
Peers can be selected from our proprietary database of 300+ AEC firms ranging in size from $1 million to $5+ billion in revenues.

Can be segmented by:
• Revenue / Staff Size
• End Markets
• Services
• Client Type
• Geography
• Ownership Structure

Sample KPIs and Analysis

• Growth
• Profitability
• Multiplier x Utilization
• Overhead
• Working Capital
• Leverage
• Compensation
• Turnover
• Diversity & Inclusion
•  Technology

Financial Modeling

Expert financial modeling to answer your questions and provide guidance for corporate decision-making

Our team develops customized financial models to address your firm’s needs.  For example, helping to create an efficient capital structure, setting the levers to finance an internal ownership transition, structuring & financing M&A transactions, modifying your compensation and incentive structures, and restructuring an approach to valuation.

Components of Our Modeling
1. Realistic assumptions based on objective peer & industry data
2. Thorough stress-testing to identify potential issues
3. Sensitivity analyses to test multiple scenarios
4. Balance of underlying detail, with high level conclusions to discuss with your management team or Board of Directors

Stock Valuations & Appraisals

Deep industry knowledge and proprietary database of AEC industry M&A valuation metrics provides for thoughtful, realistic, and realizable valuations of internal stock

Utilizing recent, comparable M&A transaction valuation data, our KPI Benchmarking Analysis, and our deep understanding of the AEC industry, we offer a more thoughtful, realistic, and realizable approach to internal stock valuation. Our process is transparent and interactive with management, so there are no surprises.

We work with clients to understand the firm’s financial, strategic, and cultural goals and then develop an approach to valuation to help achieve these goals and sustain an internal ownership transition program.




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