Over the last 20+ years, the principals of AEC Advisors LLC have personally advised on over 180 completed M&A transactions in this industry, involving firms of all sizes, locations and ownership structures.



Since each AEC firm has a unique set of objectives that they are trying to achieve in a merger, sale, or divestiture, we have a tailored approach that enables us to help each firm find the right strategic and cultural fit, at an attractive valuation and structure.   


Our long-standing relationships with CEOs, CFOs and other key decision-makers of prospective M&A partners as well as our knowledge of each firm's business and culture, allows us to help our clients find the right partner in an efficient and confidential manner.  



AEC Advisors LLC helps strategic buyers and private equity firms identify, approach and acquire other AEC firms. Since our principals have worked with most AEC firms, they are able to help buyers open doors that would otherwise be closed and avoid typical investment banking auctions.

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